4 Ways Your Gaming Computer Can Benefit From A UPS

25 April 2023
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If you own a gaming computer, you'll already understand the importance of investing in a good system. But aside from GPUs and screen refresh rates, you'll also want to think about complementing your setup with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

As the name suggests, a UPS is a backup power supply that will kick in if the mains power ever goes out. They're useful in industries ranging from healthcare to security, but they're also ideal for gamers.

Here are just four reasons why. 

1. Let's You Save Your Offline Games 

There's nothing quite as frustrating as finally getting past a tough boss or across a tricky set of platforms only to have the screen go blank on you due to a power outage. Aside from no longer being able to play, you'll generally lose much of your progress since you won't have had a chance to save. A UPS can help prevent such issues. Even if yours won't last for the whole power outage, it will give you more than enough time to finish what you're doing and save your progress. 

2. Prevents Dropping Out of Live Games 

Saving is great when you're playing offline, but plenty of gaming now takes place online. Dropping out of those games due to an unreliable power supply can be extremely annoying. As if losing out on a win isn't bad enough, you'll also risk the penalties that many online games now use to discourage people from quitting when they're losing—unfortunately, leaving due to a loss of power is going to look just like a rage quit to most servers. By investing in a UPS, you can prevent such interruptions by ensuring a continuous power supply. 

3. Protects Your Equipment 

As much as lost games can be annoying, probably the most sensible reason to invest in a UPS is that doing so protects your equipment against surges. Such surges can do irreversible damage to your system, and that's more serious for gamers since gaming computers generally cost a considerable sum and are often connected to various other expensive components.

4. Provides Optimal Power

You might be thinking you can rely on a power bank, or, if you use a gaming laptop rather than a desktop, you might think the battery is enough. However, those backups don't always last very long and generally don't supply optimal power. In contrast, UPS systems can generate exactly what you were getting from the mains. That's great for gamers since it means their systems can continue operating at high-performance levels instead of switching to one of the power-saving modes often activated automatically when you rely on a power bank or battery.

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