Essential Considerations When Buying a Communication Rack

21 January 2022
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While large companies have no problem outsourcing third-party data storage services, small and medium-sized firms prefer to handle their IT services in-house. It means they have to build a server room in their facility to house operational components and services necessary to run enterprise-class servers. That said, you need critical equipment when designing a server room, and a server or communication rack is one. Fundamentally, a server rack houses and organises critical IT components. This post highlights essential considerations when purchasing a communication rack.

Ventilation — Servers generate heat; therefore, ventilation becomes critical when several devices are in the same room. While you might have adequate ventilation in a server room, it is wise to think about future scalability. Notably, the best communication racks have a perforated design that allows uninterrupted airflow between devices. However, if you plan to add more servers and other IT components in the future, it is advisable to invest in racks with built-in fans. The models improve airflow and keep critical equipment cool at all times. It is crucial when the air conditioning system in a server room malfunctions.

Security — It is vital to think about the design of a server room relative to a business security strategy. Even if a server room is equipped with sophisticated access control devices, you should not install communication racks with low-level security capabilities. For example, consider investing in communication racks with lockable front and rear doors. Notably, authorised personnel who enter a server room must still unlock communication racks to access servers and other critical IT systems. You can also find modern communication racks equipped with smart card technology for robust access control. Most importantly, a user must have high-level authorisation to access protected systems. A well-secured communication rack could be the difference between peace of mind and a costly data breach.

Capacity — How many servers and other critical IT equipment do you want to secure in a server rack? Notably, you must consider your current equipment as well as planned and unplanned future additions when selecting a server rack. Ideally, a suitable communication rack should accommodate existing equipment, including additional infrastructures like battery backups, monitoring and power management devices and patch panels. The last thing you want is a server rack that falls short of housing all your IT systems. That said, a server room floor space dictates the size of the communication rack to buy.