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Computer Services

Downtime is expensive as well as inconvenient. That's why Custom Computers and Music's service department is open 6 days a week to ensure that your computers  are serviced as quickly as possible. We understand that you rely on your systems to keep you connected and productive and will return your system to you in a timely manner; fixed and ready to go!

In addition, in the Peace River area, we have  pick up and delivery services available so there is no need to wait until you have the time to drop your system off. If desired we will handle everything from disconnect to reconnect. Also, we keep the most needed parts on hand, in stock, plus with our  major suppliers we can have most other parts delivered overnight to assist in a quick resolution.

Our senior technicians have been professionally involved in the computer industry since the very early 1980s, both in hardware and software service and  support.

You can read about a few of our our first computers here:

Timex Sinclair (1982) - The  first computer I bought. I sold and programmed on them them too...2K-16K of RAM @ 3.2MHz. Mine had 16K. :-) (Don)
Commodore Vic 20
Radio Shack TRS 80 - Color Computer
Texas Instruments - TI-994a
Commodore 64
Coleco Adam

And, these aren't all of them!! We love what we do!

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Timex Sinclair Ad from - click on the ad for a larger picture

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